Fence Repair and Replacement Milton MA

As you notice a slight sagging or maybe visible damage to your fence, you’ll know that it’s time to call Milton Fence Pros. Replacement and repair our among our top services as we help homeowners ensure the safety of their yards. With a sagging fence, there’s no guarantee that it won’t fall without any warning. Or, that one damaged section of chain-link won’t lead to extensive trauma to one of your pets trying to get out. 

If you notice any changes, minor or significant, to your fence, then get a fencing contractor out for a repair assessment right away. At Milton Fence Pros, we will always assess the damage before making any suggestions on how to handle the repairs or when to schedule a replacement. ​

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    Fallen Fencing and Broken Planks Milton mA 

    Fallen fencing is a huge deal for people who use their yards regularly. One good storm or a sick tree can take out an entire side of your fencing. But, a gust of wind or a scratching dog can take out a single plank at a time. When it comes to repairs and assessing the damage, no two fences are ever alike. 

    What we do is provide a free assessment of the damage and explain our recommended plan for the fallen section. Our team at Milton Fence Pros can replace a collapsed segment with new fencing materials, reestablish chain link by stretching, or repair a single plank. There are so many options that the absolute best thing to do is to call Milton Fence Pros for a free review. With your free assessment of the damage, you’ll receive unmatched friendliness of service and access to information from licensed contractors.

    Post Repair or Replacement Minton MA

    Posts are the heart and soul of every fence. They keep up every segment of fencing, and if there’s any damage to your fence, it is likely a pole that is the culprit. When you have a tilted, sinking, sagging, or otherwise damaged pole, then that whole stretch of fencing will start to sag and take on damage. 

    If you don’t repair or replace the problem post quickly, the weight of the sagging fence can lead to damage to the next post, and then the next. Ultimately we aim to repair before we replace. 

    To repair a post, we can identify what led to the damage, restabilize the ground, put in new cement or sealant, and then reset the pole. As we do this, we’ll monitor it for any changes and adjustments to the fence post repair and determine how it would support the fence in the future. A replacement will also require some evaluation of the ground to ensure minimal disruption to the ground when changing out the post. ​

    Upgrading Your Fence Today

    Many homeowners are looking to upgrade their curb appeal, improve their presence on the block, and set up fencing that can help create a more secure space on your property. Along with our free estimates, you can get a quote on an upgrade in your materials. It’s possible that you can benefit from a minor upgrade. 

    Call Milton Fence Pros to discuss your post repairs, plank repairs, fencing material sagging, or an upgrade today. ​