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    Our Services Include:

    • Vinyl Fence Installation and Repair
    • Wood Fence Installation and Repair
    • Chainlink fencing
    • Metal Fence Installation
    • Privacy Fence Installation
    • Gate installation services
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    Need Help With Your Fence? Hire an Expert!

    Try out our friendly fencing service that provides help to the homeowners and residents of Milton. We take care of every single fencing need to help your home stay safe, secure, and looking good.  Our fencing contractors in Milton are a team of knowledgeable and well-experienced fencing contractors. We are the locally owned and operated option for Milton residents or businesses who need their fence or gate repaired, mended, or completely installed. Our goal is always to deliver unmatched quality and outstanding service. Experienced, fully insured, plus locally owned and operated fence contractors.

    white vinyl fence installation Milton ma

    Wood Fencing Installation & Repairs

    wood fence installation and repair Milton ma

    Vinyl Fencing Installation and Repairs

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    Metal/Iron Gates and Fence Repairs

    Quality, Experienced Fence Experts

    Our Full Service Landscaping Company provides top-notch Fence services in addition to property services.

    Throughout the south shore of Massachusetts, our fence contractors install, repair, and replace fences as well as gates. Some of these changes to a property are cosmetic. While others are put into place to keep people or animals off the property. In Milton, we specialize in local fence and gate installation and repair no matter the reason for the call. Each of our fences is visually attractive and lends a highly functional element to the land. 

    Our team brings together many experienced and knowledgeable fence contractors with several years of experience in the field. We help budding contractors develop and hone their skills by setting them side-by-side with our master craftsmen on the team. That ensures that each job has a high level of quality while also developing our team for continued success. 

    Schedule a consultation or make an appointment to meet in our office and speak with one of our top fence contractors today. With our team, you can be confident that you will have a wide variety of materials along with years of experience and skill in fencing. ​

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    Fence Installation

    Why put up a fence? Everyone has their reasons, but safety and privacy are always among the biggest concerns for homeowners. In Milton, many houses are relatively close to each other, but even people with bigger properties worry that someone could easily walk on or through their property. 

    Fence installation is a way to keep coyotes and other wildlife out, while also keeping your children or family members in. Yards that have pools, decks, or other hazards may also use internal fencing to create secure or safe areas for children or visitors. 

    Milton Fence Pros provides professional fence installation throughout Milton and the surrounding areas in various materials and designs. However, we almost always use the same process to ensure consistent results. ​

    Our Process

    We carefully follow proven steps to ensure high-quality results every time. Everything that ends well begins with proper planning and preparation. 

    The process for fence installation that our fencing contractor team follows is:

    • Make a clear plan for the fence and the project
    • Prepare the land for the work
    • Set down posts
    • Complete paneling and other design elements
    • Clean up the workspace 

    As you speak with different fence contractors, it can be challenging to know what you should expect. Will they create the design, will they listen to your ideas, and how can you ensure that they’ll do a good job? With Milton Fence Pros, our long history of successful work shows how high our standards for quality are, but when it comes to design, we believe in collaboration. We want to ensure that your fence is everything you imagined and complements your home nicely. But, that doesn’t mean that everything is possible. 

    We go through the design with you, and then as we prepare the land, we’ll ensure that every possible element of excellent craftsmanship and skill is put to work. We see the opportunities for leveling, creating fences, and designs that work well with your land and fixtures in your yard. 

    When your yard is ready, and the design is in place, our team will go through and begin installing the posts. We bury each post to ensure that the post and attached fencing material can withstand the harsh weather conditions that come in throughout the year. High winds, rain, and even heavy weight from animals or people leaning against it are all things we consider when laying posts. No matter the fencing material, the posts will always provide a critical structural element. 

    When we get to setting the posts and aligning railings, we can create an entire frame for the project quickly and then focus on ornamental or design elements. We will move on to fitting in the wooden slats for privacy fences or good neighbor fences, put up vinyl, or unroll chain link. Even with different ornamental materials, we’ll put a lot of consideration into how the materials sit between the posts and ensure that they look good! 

    At Milton Fence Pros, we will never leave your yard with any type of mess. It’s frustrating for homeowners to have a beautiful installation only to have mounds of dirt, rock, and cement mixing dust in their yard. We enjoy the natural beauty of Milton too much to let that happen. 

    Searching for “fence installation near me?” call Milton Fence Pros where you’ll get the best design and installation in Milton. Our fence installations always begin and end the same way, but everything in between is an individualized experience. We go through for city permits, ensuring that code standards are met, and more. ​

    Fence Repair Services

    Fence repair is an unfortunate part of home or property ownership. Even the best fences, made with excellent materials, will occasionally need repairs or maintenance. Milton Fence Pros has made improving fences a steady part of our day to day work. If you have a fence that has some damage either from weather, animals, or ordinary wear and tear, then you can call on us. 

    Typical causes for fence damage include:

    • Pet damage from scratching or digging
    • Stains or damaged coloring from weather and liquids
    • Sagging fences from wind and changes to the soil
    • Corrosion from rain, ice, and snow
    • Warping from water damage
    fix fence milton ma

    But extensive damage can come from larger sources such as a tree falling or a car crashing into the side of your fence. Even a little nudge from someone trying to back into your yard can result in one tilting post and then a sagging section, and from there, it only gets worse. 

    The good news is that usually, it’s only a matter of replacing or restricting the damaged material. For example, with chain link fencing, we can reset the post and stretch a new section of the chain-link across the posts. Now, vinyl fencing may require quite a bit of replacement, and wood fencing can allow repairs to be made individually to each post or plank. 

    We provide post cap replacement, straightening, post replacement, back rail replacement, and complete replacement of damaged sections depending on the materials. Before we finalize any repair orders, we will go through all of your options with you and explain what we believe will serve your home best. 

    You can tell when your fence needs repairs when you see sagging, staining, or sinking. Does it seem like some of your posts set higher than others? Some of your posts may be sinking, bending, or that tilting and causing more damage or strain on the rest of the fence. 

    In addition to fence repair, Milton Fence Pros also provides gate repair. Unlike the rest of the fence that goes mostly untouched for years at a time, gates see activity almost every day. Your pets know that the entrance is where you enter and exit, and the hinges wear down or out over the years. Even the point of the gate can cause weaknesses within the gate and open the opportunity for your gate to take on exceptional amounts of damage over time. 

    From fence repair to gate repair, we always do our best to work quickly so that you don’t have to go through days with an open yard or having contractors in and out of your property. Schedule your gate or fence repair today to make sure that your children or pets can play in your yard without the chance of getting out. ​​

    Residential Fencing

    Our residential fencing services showcase our specialty in providing privacy fences, swimming pool fences, and more. We understand that safety is the primary concern, and it’s our concern too. Setting up a security or privacy fence can help ensure that you’re not subject to prying eyes of people in the neighborhood. Enjoy your backyard, let your kids play, or soak in the pool without worrying about who’s watching. 

    Safety elements such as pool fences with top-latch gates and meet all the necessary safety codes are something we can easily arrange. All of our fence and gate installation is meant to provide a safe area, and that can mean keeping children or visitors in or out of certain areas. You may have a garden area, deck, or rock section that you know is difficult to walk through, fencing areas that could lead to tripping or falling can help ensure the safety of those in your yard as well. ​



    This company was so amazing to work with, starting with the estimate and finishing with installation. Everyone was very competent. 

    ​Mary G.

    Great company to work with.  They were very professional, communicative, and fast to install my new vinyl fence and gate.

    ​Steve L.

    The fastest to get back to me with the quote. I had a good experience, they worked with what we wanted to do, and I would recommend them to everyone.

    Brenda M.

    Types of Fences We Install

    As fence installers, Milton Fence Pros has the goal of providing as many material options as possible to all of the residents of Milton. While we’re locally owned and operated, we stretch out to get our hands on the best materials available so that our locals have the widest variety and best materials possible. 

    We provide the following materials:

    • Wood fencing
    • Vinyl
    • Vinyl-coated fencing
    • Slatted chain link
    • Chain-link
    • Cedar fencing
    • Picket fences
    • Baluster
    • Wrought iron
    • Ornamental aluminum

    But overall, we use these different materials in exceptional ways. Our galvanized chain link options are available and affordable and can also serve as tennis court fencing, security faces, and more. But, wood fencing is a top choice for privacy and visual aesthetic. When it comes to making unique designs and standing out from the curb, you might consider an ornamental aluminum gate, wrought iron, or picket fencing. 

    Over the years, we’ve seen it all and are happy and capable of working with the materials that benefit your house the most. 

    Wood Fencing 

    Wood fences give a higher level of privacy and are typically more traditional through the New England area. We do have to dig, but upon completion of the installation, you would never know that there was disruption to your yard. Typically wood fence options will include redwood and cedar. Both are durable and sturdy, but hat cedar has the advantage of naturally being pest resistant. Termites, beetles, and other insects simply don’t like cedar, so they stay away from it. 

    Vinyl Fencing 

    Vinyl is becoming more popular because of its flexibility. The flex in vinyl allows it to survive more storms with less damage. For those who don’t want to commit to a vinyl fence, you can opt for a vinyl-coated option that can still stand up well to storms. 

    Chain Link

    Whether galvanized or otherwise, chain link is often the most affordable option, and while it doesn’t offer much in privacy, it’s great for keeping animals either in or out. When you have pets that don’t dig, chain-link is a great option. It is also great when you have children playing in the back yard. While they can see out and still interact with the world around them, they are restricted to the section that you decide with the fencing. 

    Iron and Aluminum

    Wrought iron and aluminum are often more ornamental in nature but still provide a high-functioning fencing and gate system. Aluminum is usually more affordable and can come in various signs, but its light-weight makes it more susceptible to damage. Wrought iron is extraordinarily durable and always good-looking. 

    Set up your fence installation, repair, or replacement today with Milton Fence Pros. Our friendly team of fencing contractors will ensure that your needs are met within a reasonable timeline and always with outstanding results. Whenever you need a fencing professional to work in your yard, turn to the locally owned and operated Milton Fence Pros. ​

    Areas We Service

    We service residential and commercial customers for fence services in Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, Milton, Dorchester, Dedham, Wollaston, Germantown, Marina Bay, Squantum, and surrounding neighborhoods. 

    Give us a call today, we look forward to serving you! ​